Welcome to ideaphoriana!

This is a place for me to reminisce about my past, create my present, and imagine my future. My intent is to chronicle, archive, and entertain along the way. I’ve wanted to create a personal blog for some time now, and finally here it is!

Over the coming weeks and months, I anticipate developing several themes, including:

  • Ten Years After — imagining my life and the world as I want it to be ten years from now (= 2025)
  • The ‘1000 Things’ Project — chronicling a project I did last year to examine our relationship with things and the hold they have on us through the process of decluttering my house, one thing at a time (or sometimes more)
  • Wayback Machine — telling stories from my past before I forget them — Throwback Thursdays, Flashback Fridays, Wayback Wednesdays, you name it.

I will also be using this blog as a place to experiment and learn more about how to engage as a cultural creative through social media, content production, and interaction with you, the reader(s), and whoever may be interested.

In the process, I hope to learn things here that I can apply to my professional and writing life, but the main focus will be personal — a place to remember, reflect, and reimagine.  Here we go…