Election Reflections #1 – #6

An interplay of light, dark, and wind evokes reflections on our recent election…

While I was doing yoga this morning, the reflections on the wall in front of me caught my attention. Coming in through the window behind me, the interplay of light, dark, and wind mirrored for me the interplay of analogous forces in our recent presidential election, so I decided to pay more attention and to record some of it.

This first reflection captures patches of darkness blocking out the light and threatening to overrun it but never quite doing so, while small patches of light remain intact:

This second reflection felt more sinister: a tornado of darkness bisecting two areas of gray, keeping one gray area from the light and threatening at any moment to convert all of the gray to darkness:

This third one seems the darkest one of all at first: swirls of darkness envelop the gray areas and almost obliterate them; and yet a glimmer of light arises from the bottom and remains steadfast throughout the chaos. (This one is short only because my iPhone 4S ran out of storage after a few seconds)

Light on the left, dark on the right — but the interplay is more complicated than that. For this one, I experimented with changing the focus and observed how it changes how we see the light and dark. When I put the focus on the light, it became blindingly bright, making it impossible to see things clearly. When I put the focus on the dark, it became even darker, dimming the light and casting an ominous pall over the entire scene. Only when I put the focus on the boundary between light and dark was I able to see both sides more clearly. I also noted that whenever I changed focus, it took a little while for things to return to focus again.

When my yoga practice was over, I turned to looking at the window itself and was surprised to realize how clouded was the view. It had been quite some time since I’d cleaned this window, and the neglect clearly showed. From this perspective at least, the view outside was very hard to see.

I decided it was time for a cleaning, even as I wondered what windows inside my mind also need a similar treatment.

Election Reflection #5:


A little cleaning can go a long way. Not a perfect or thorough cleaning — I did not go outside on the ladder to clean the storm windows that were unreachable from the inside — but I did the best I could, and what a difference it made.

Election Reflections #6:


It’s fun to explore the analogical interpretations of these images, applying them to my election experience, framed in darkness as are all of these images. There’s always a danger in being too literal, but intuitively I know that it’s informing my efforts to move toward the light…


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